One of the most popular services on offer in the 2010’s is the moodlighting or uplighting service.

New LED technology has made it possible to “paint” any venue any colour to suit your scheme - from a full on colour wash to highlighting a few selected room features.

Adding subtle lighting to a room isnt new of course - wall lights replaced or enhanced chandeliers, candles placed around the room added interest (and fire risk) and pictures were often lit with their own little light.

The difference is, that since about 2005, LED technology has been such that one light unit can offer you a choice of a million different hues and shades, runs stone cold, on very little electricity and is reliable, safe and portable

I often use LED “Cans” for illuminating my own Magical Nights speaker stand covers, because they run so cold, there is no danger of burning the lycra skin and the favourable comments are always interesting.

Setting up 20 moodlights in a room takes around 10 minutes, setting them to the correct colour adds another 20 to that and then taping down the wiring, neatly adds up to 2 hours! When the guests arrive however, the effect can be stunning, bland rooms can be set alight with colour, plain marguees can be filled with warmth and vibrancy and dull old rooms can be brought to life - it’s hard to imagine some rooms without some kind of artistic lighting once you’ve seen what it can do.

Attached below are a few of my own pictures of local venues - remember that some colours don’t photograph as well as others but also that this is your colour scheme I can deliver.

The conservatory at Makeney Hall

Aislinn and Mike Bennett at Makeney Hall

Projection Services

The Marquee

The marquee disco


With daylight

without daylight

Derby Conference Centre

That first dance

Repton School

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